BinanSafe Protocol is a differentiated DeFi platform that integrates with the current trend of cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems. With projects 100% de-centralized and Audited.



All projects or platforms launched under the BinanSafe Protocol will be audited by one or more independent auditing companies. In addition, the source code will be open for analysis by anyone who feels able to review and understand it.


BinanSafe Value

The BinanSafe Token can only be purchased or mined via one or more deposits on BNB (in the future, other currencies will be added) through the "Stake" pool website. They can then be exchanged for BNB again at any time. The exchange value varies according to the amount of BNB deposited and the BinanSafe Token that are in circulation. The usefulness of the BS Token will cause its value to increase over time.



All services launched under the BinanSafe Protocol will be accessible through web applications. With the easy understanding and easy use of them, to guarantee the expansion of our community.


About BinanSafe.

BinanSafe Protocol is a project in the DeFi world developed in SmartContracts under the Binance Smart Chain network. It is intended for investors looking for a way to profit with the least possible risk. Therefore, The BinanSafe Protocol can be one of the best investment options, since each investor has control of their investment at all times backed by the BinanSafe Token (BS). The token will have a value calculated according to the amount of BS in circulation and the total BNB available in the balance. Therefore, each Game, NFT or Project in general that is developed to be used with the BS Token, will make the circulating volume increase and consequently increase its value.

The BinanSafe Protocol will be extended to other ecosystems such as Terra, Fantom, THETA, among others.

BinanSafe WhitePaper


This roadmap summarizes the path that the BinanSafe Protocol is heading for. More than a summary, it is simply an advance. The development of authentic projects and new strategies will not stop this year.

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